28 September 2009

Almost there!

I had a very productive weekend, driving to Birmingham, then back to Gloucester, then back to Birmingham. I threw out so much crap that I only took 2 ikea bags full of clothes and 3 boxes of 'stuff' to Dan's place. A car-load went with my mum but lets not talk about that.

All I have here now is a few pairs of shoes, some clothes, a few toiletries, lots of knitting and just enough 'bits; to make next weekend very bearable. I am totally looking forward to moving now. And to leaving work on Friday too!

I did go to work this afternoon, for the first time since I did 2 hours last Wednesday. I am still suffering from this chest infection and cough and its keeping me up at night. I slept upright on the sofa the last 2 nights but it didnt really help. Last night I did it mainly to stop waking Dan up, even though he was wearing industrial wax earplugs. The antibiotics dont appear to be working, but I will finish the run and maybe go back to the doctor on Wednesday if I still feel like this.

I am going to call in sick again tomorrow because the half day I did today really wore me out, plus I threw up when I got home (too much info? sorry) I am hoping that one more day of doing pretty much nothing will help shake it off. I dont want to be sick next week when I start my new job, and like Dan reminded me, its not like my sick record matters at the moment. I have to go in on Wednesday for a meeting, plus I have a dentist appointment. I need to do at least one day out of Thursday and Friday to train up my replacement (who incidentally was someone I knit this for a year or so ago)(rav link)

So tomorrow - in between attempting to breath without coughing/choking/throwing up, I am going to put some time into Percy, or maybe pick something random from the WIP box which wouldn't fit in my mums car yesterday. Percy does tend to take a lot of thought so something mindless might be better for now. Ooh, lastly, I blocked my Laminaria and I am happier with it but I still dont love it. I took some pics this morning but my camera is more than arms length away so I will sort some photos out later.

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