25 September 2009


After struggling to do nothing on Wednesday (I really cant sit still!), I managed a nice relaxed day on Thursday and today I had a lie in and a long bath before my mum arrived at 1. She has only driven here on her own once before as she isnt confident on motorways and its 180 miles of almost all motorway but she has come to help me move so im really thankful.

After a visit to a cafe and a bit of food shopping we came back and both slept for a while before a little shopping trip this evening (afternoon naps at age 27 - slightly wrong!!). I have been feeling rough today, with the usual cough/chest infection and a headache, and an aching wisdom tooth so I have only just sat down to sort through some packing. It never surprises me how much crap I own, except this isn't so much crap as I threw all that out last time I moved, its mostly scrap yarn, old clothes and fabric that I don't want to take to the new place just yet so I am sending some of it home with mum and my theory is that if I have forgotten about it when I next visit her, she can throw it out/give it away/use it.

Anyway my room is a complete mess now as I have decanted everything into piles. I am actually getting really excited about moving now. I will be so good to come back here on Monday to find almost empty cupboards and drawers. I plan on leaving just enough clothes and toiletries to last another week, plus towels, the laptop, the deskfan, the free-view box, my alarm clock and some food. Oh and some knitting!

There is no rush to move anything else tonight as we are going to make a morning of it tomorrow. Luckily it turns out that most of my stuff will be going to my mums, meaning less boxes to haul up the stairs to the new place, and a less scary experience for Dan! Speaking of Dan, his Christmas sweater yarn is here so I will get that started when I get moved in. Its all go here :)

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