23 September 2009

A Representative Photograph of Today

I went to work this morning (after taking Monday as holiday and Tuesday as sick) but I called NHS direct and the nurse advised me to take some time off and to take my anti-biotics so here I am back at home resting and I don't need to go back to work until Monday.

Anyhoo, this is a good representation of today:

Thats the Percy shawl I started yesterday, I was contemplating making it bigger than the pattern but its quite an open knit and its going to grow when I block it so I will just knit it to pattern and have 200yd orange cashmere to play with later. Next to it are my new glasses (red and black) which I may take back when I feel better as I can't see distance very well through them. I was going to put them on in the morning and see how I get on. I also got my anti-biotics prescription and since it takes 40 minutes to count out 21 pills!!, I got myself some lemons and honey and grapes, dark chocolate, and random medicines and things to make myself feel better before ambling back home to bed where I plan on lounging for the rest of the day, watching daytime TV and having a go at knitting Percy.

This is Laminaria - I am not a big fan just yet, hopefully I will like it more when its blocked.

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