21 September 2009

This weekend we were meant to be sorting out Dan's flat ready for the majority of my belongings arriving there next weekend. However, we were sick and we were tired so we didn't really do anything. And I think that buying storage would be a better idea in a few weeks when we have everything in one place and we know exactly what we have and how much space we need to put it. So we just had a little shop on Saturday - we got keys cut :), and we wanted to buy picture hooks but the shop has sold out. We did bump into his parents though so we stopped for a chat before heading back for dinner.

On Sunday we went to Baddesley Clinton - another National Trust place about 15 minutes from the flat. We didnt get there until late and despite there being a classic car rally happening in their carpark, the only photo I managed to take was this one of the fantastic Dahlia border. I can't wait until we buy a house with a garden :)

I took the rest of today off. I already had the morning off to get back from Birmingham but when I got home I just couldn't face work. I have had this horrible hacking tickly cough for 2 weeks now. My doctor said there is nothing wrong with me but I keep waking up choking half to death and I sound like I have Tuburculosis! I bought another batch of various cough/cold medicines on my way back home and loaded up on those before lounging on the bed with the laptop.

My plan for this week is to cut out all dairy :( and see if it makes a difference. I might take the whole of Friday off too to catch up on sleep. Since I only have 2 weeks left at work now and I have a few days holiday still to take. My mum is coming to visit so I will be attempting to pack everything up by the time she gets here.

All I plan to do today is finish Laminaria. I have about 8 rows to go so I make that about 3 hours knitting. Hopefully I can start with Percy by 5pm :)

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Laurie Ann said...

Try sleeping with your upper body propped up a bit with a few pillows (not just your head, but shoulders too).