15 September 2009

Fun Weekend with Yarn!

I had a lovely weekend. How about you?
I spent much of Saturday morning packing things, sorting yarn, throwing out crap I know I dont and wont need and awaiting Dan's arrival.

We watched Quantum of Solace, which we both thought was pants!

Sunday we went on our last Gloucestershire day out together (I am sure there will be more, I am only moving 50 miles away) and we went to Westbury Court Gardens courtesy of our free National Trust membership. I love gardens that have vegetables, and I love red brick walled gardens even more. I think we will aim for something like this at our first house... Ha!

I also love the little cottage garden by the summer house. Its more messy, and therefore more me. We sat under an arbor discussing the possibility of future college courses and contemplating life etc. Good times!

Westbury Court has one of the oldest oak trees in its orchard. It was planted in 1580!

I also did some yarn shopping and on Friday night I found the yarn for Dans Christmas Sweater - its going to be Dylan Goes Electric in a lovely ice blue, and even better, I found it was on sale so this sweater is going to cost me £18 - current conversion is just under $30US
However, I am not going to rush this sweater because of the wrist issue. I am sticking mostly to lightweigh projects, mostly lace. And so I bought christmas cashmere from Fyberspates.

From left to right - Raspberry, Spearmint, Tangerine. Thats for my mum, me and my sister. And I am going to start with this...

Say hello to Percy!

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catsmum said...

hang on a sec ...
[ fans face ]
hyperventilating over here in Aus at the sight of all that laceweight!