11 September 2009

A bit O knitting

After a somewhat crazy week of panic, where the prospect of moving house and starting a new job scared the crap out of both me and Dan, I am now settled into the idea and I can't wait. Neither can Dan :)

He is coming to stay Saturday night and he will be taking as much stuff as possible back with him on Sunday. Then in 2 weeks my mum is coming to stay and we are going to take yet more stuff, and then the final weekend we will take the rest, although we may need to borrow his dads supersized Volvo :)

Anyhoo, as any yarnie would, the first thing I sorted was my WIP's. The yarn is going this weekend so I wanted to make sure I have everything I needed to finish what I had started (in the last 3 years *cough*)

I also had a look through my yarn and started 2 new projects - some washcloths for Dan's mum for Christmas which I edged in lavender cotton and plan to give her with some lavender smelly things.

And I made myself some Fetchings since they are the easiest project in the world, and Dan's office is really cold.

Tonight I am going to sort the last of the yarn before sitting down with my Laminaria. I spoke to a physio today who advised lightweight projects and she is going to send me some exercises to strengthen my wrists.

Ooh and I ordered Cashmere for Christmas presents for my mum, my sister, and um... me :) Pics when it arrives :)

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