2 September 2009

I Quit!

I quit my job today, and put notice on my flat. I will be moving in with Dan and starting work for him on October 5th :) Very exciting, if not a bit scary!

I went to see my new doctor last week who confirmed I have the early signs of RSI and that I need to stop knitting and typing. So I am spinning a bit more (at Dan's house anyway) and I found some plastic canvas which I am making a box out of, and I just picked up crochet tonight but I think I will put it down again as it isn't helping. I can type at work for a while before the pain starts so thats not too bad, but I am REALLY pissed off at not being able to knit. Since I spend about 8 hours a day on a computer and about 4 hours a day knitting, my life has stood still for a week or so now and it has been depressing.
Here is an attempt to embed a Youtube video of Dan and the band at his singers boyfriends 40th birthday party last Sunday. Dan is the one on the right, and the kid at the front is the singers son.

I will be getting Dan's birthday sweater back either this weekend or next so I am going to wash and tumble dry it in an attempt to shrink it a bit before finding and fixing a zip and binding ribbon. It is so cold here today, I could do with that sweater, I just packed all mine away!

We had a great long weekend for the August Bank Holiday, and Dan and his best friend won 6 tickets to the BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) on Sunday including the whole Honda tent thing, probably free champagne etc etc. They had to turn down the tickets because the gig had been planned for the same day so they got free mini Honda Civics instead. Hardly a fair replacement if you ask me!


Laurie Ann said...

Oh no!!!! No knitting? I would die. I guess you're going to have to start writing a novel or something.

catsmum said...

having had both RSI and Carpal Tunnel [ and at about your age actually ] my experience was that crochet was - and is - more likely to cause problems. I had to stop both knitting and crochet for quite a while but am back in full swing these days
I know the angst of not being able to do the stuff you love but really it's the only way if you want to still have the use of your hands at my age
btw thanks for the kind wishes