30 November 2009

My poorly wrists!

I am on repeat 17 (of 19) of the budding lace pattern for the swallowtail shawl and its what, 25 days until Christmas? Well its about 28 days until my mother gets to open her presents. But what about Gareth and his socks that are currently only 8 rows long, and Dan who currently has one sleeve and half a jumper front. My right wrist is complete agony! Knitting nightmare!

In good news, when I get started, it goes quite quickly so I am hoping I will have a couple of days off knitting and then I will be able to pick up pace again.

In the meantime, I really want to knit some super bulky mittens so I might have a quick go on the spinning wheel and see if I can spin up about 100m of something to make these as soon as all the presents are done and the weather truly is freezing (so tomorrow then as we are apparently going to be 0 tonight and -1(C) in the morning :( This cold weather is doing nothing for my wrists!

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