21 December 2009

Random things

I have been really busy for a week or 2 now. Its a nice change from my usual mundane life of work and TV with a bit of pub thrown in. Starting the weekend before last, we got a Christmas tree, did the Christmas food shop, and had a gig with free drinks and curry for the band and roadies (keyboardists wife, singers boyfriend and me). I really love my first real Christmas tree, its now surrounded with presents too (mostly for other people)

I have given up on Bakerloo socks because I really need exact measurements to make them for Dans friend Gareth. So in a fit of desperation I bought some yarn on Saturday and I finished the first sock tonight. It was quiet at work today so I spent most of the day turning the heel and kitchenered up the toe just now. I will cast on the second one in a minute and work on it for most of tomorrow. It needs to be wrapped for Wednesday night when we meet up for drinks and present swapping. We met up for a Christmas meal last weekend and got snowed on a bit, but luckily I have a few more days to sort this last present out. I am hoping to do the pub quiz tomorrow night so if I am really behind I will take it with me.

The swallowtail is done at last, I had about 4 metres of yarn left but I finished one row short to be on the safe side. It looks fab and is ready to be wrapped. I have one more skein of cashmere left for myself, I just need to think of a pattern now. My first post christmas knit will be some mittens for myself though, the shawl can wait.

I also got some felt on Saturday to make these little lavender bags as an extra present for Dans mum. They took about ten minutes each to make. I am going to make some more for my mum, maybe for her birthday in March. Dans mums other present is a large L'occitane giftset which when bought online with a randomly googled voucher code, got me £35 of free L'occitane lovelies which I am keeping for myself AND free postage :)

I also got some tube bandages for my wrists which have made a bit of a difference. I think the main problem has been the cold, but now we have a calor gas heater and a new electric radiator its a bit toastier in here.

Sadly I wont finish Dan's sweater in time for Christmas but he doesnt mind, it will be done mid January I am sure.

I think thats about all the mumbling I can think of for now

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Laurie Ann said...

I love the lavender bags. Free gifts are always a good thing. Once when an airline stranded me in a strange city, the toiletries bag they gave us contained L'Occitane stuff and I loved it.