23 December 2009

All ready!

Christmas is done here. All the presents are wrapped and a couple have already been passed around. We are eating random Christmas snacks and drinking the mulled wine we won at the pub quiz last night. We are going to Dans parents tomorrow afternoon and staying until Christmas day afternoon :)
It even snowed today, which I dont mind because I dont have to go anywhere tomorrow yay. Here is a neater pic of my Christmas tree with all the gifts for my family when I see them next Monday.

My spinning wheel will hopefully get more use next year. I have been stalking a thread on ravelry showing finished projects from handspun yarn and I am getting the bug. I also joined 10 for 2010 and have so far picked about 7 things to make before the end of 2010.
I finished the emergency Christmas socks earlier at around 6pm. They were wrapped and handed over at 8 and I even had time for a bath. The pattern is Globe Trotter socks and its a really nice and easy pattern with a lovely effect and these socks are ideal for someone whose feet you dont really know, I made the small ones and they even fit Dans massive feet. Here is his model shot.

Merry Christmas everyone x

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