24 December 2009

Ugh, there is always something!

Someone hit my sisters car last night. They are fine, my mums door hit a flat wall and the other car hit my sisters door and pretty much ruined it (it is sellotaped together right now) but she is fine if not a bit achey. I told her to take today off and go see a GP to get checked out. She might as well take the day off anyway since she needs to sort out the insurance and the 'guaranteed' courtesy car, which, I have my suspicions, won't be so guaranteed this close to Christmas. It sounds like it was the other womans fault as there was a sign saying it was my sisters priority on that bit of road. Personally, so close to Christmas, I would have had the police come to breathalise the other driver, but in the meantime I told my sister to go take a photo of the priority sign because these things can get messy. On the bright side, she may have to get a new car.

My mum lives on a steep hill so neither of them will probably be able to go anywhere today after last nights snow (so glad most of Birmingham is flat! I am contemplating Monday. The motorways will be clear but we wont be able to get up or down her street so at the moment I am not making any promises. Luckily my family are patient so they will have their presents Mid Jan if they have to.

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Laurie Ann said...

Well, that sucks. I hope your sister is okay.