1 January 2010

Happy New Year

Shall I start with resolutions? Ok then...

Nothing unrealistic this year (or ever really) but there are a couple of things I want to get done this year.

Firstly, we are definitely going to buy a house this year. Hopefully by around April (I will be slightly disappointed if we haven't got one by June). I am going to make a mortgage appointment for a Saturday in January and once we are approved (which I am positive we will be, but at a ridiculous rate, which is fine in the short term) we will start having a good look around for the perfect house for us - 2-3 bed semi/end terrace with garden and parking in a not terrible area.

I am going to spin some socks - well spin the yarn then knit them. And I hope to give my wheel more attention this year.

Both me and Dan are going to work on being healthier, starting with cutting down on cheese and dairy, especially in January, and when the prices drop we will get a Nintendo Wii (maybe not this year). We are also going to start walking more on weekends, even if its around shopping centres.

10 in 2010 - the list will follow.

My resolution for January, apart from making that mortgage appointment, is to finish the sweater I am halfway through for Dan.

Happy New Year everyone, I hope your resolutions are realistic and that you acheive every one of them.

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natalie said...

We are doing that too!
We aren't vegetarian but we have been doing the Meat Free Mondays Paul McCartney thing for a while. And then in November we decided to eat veggie for December apart from Christmas Day.
We aren't doing it for "animal" reasons, but for ecological ones and it's been fun trying to be inventive about eating new things. Cheese and dairy reduction are on the list, but again, not as a hard and fast rule.

The word verification thing on the comments says fluboak - I hope this is not a harbinger of illness to come!