9 November 2010


I am feeling stressed at the moment because I have too many things that need doing and not enough time to do what I want to do. By too many, I have 2 - work, and knitting these bloody student samples. A week and a half SOUNDED enough and I got the yarn last tuesday night, made a start after knitting group, realised I had gone wrong because I had charted it horizontally instead of vertically and so it was all squished up. So I had to restart and I have pretty much finished this one...


But there is another which I have barely started so I am having to take COLOURWORK with me to knitting tonight as I might be out tomorrow night seeing Tommy Emmanuel if Dan has bought the tickets yet. I do want to go see him but I could do without it right now. I am handing this stuff over at 6pm Thursday and I work all day.

So the reason I am pissed off is that I have 4in of my February/November Lady Sweater to sew up and 8 buttons to sew on, I have this lovely ball of fluff which I want to finish so I can ply it, plus I bought sequins to make another yarn and I have decided to spin yarn for Elli, Alli, Kaz and Liz for Christmas. I would like to spin for Merna and Becky but I haven't known them quite so long so they will get yarn if I have time. I am guessing I wont, but I do intend to spin something for them at some point. I am not really good at giving my handspun away though so this should be an interesting experience.


Also, I am a bit cheerier lately. I went to Alice's house on Sunday for a knit in as she has a million things to knit before xmas and I am contemplating having people over at mine but its just a scary thought and I can't control who else will be in the house when people are here so I think I might avoid it for now.

I am not good with pressure.

Also, all my blog posts seem to be sporadic and rantish :(

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Anonymous said...

Eeek! please don't feel yo uhave to gift me your precious handspun - or do anything at all for crimbo for that matter!
I'd much rather think that instead of stressing about my pressie, we had a less stressed Anne Marie walking the world lol - I'll consider the less stress as your gift to me!