9 January 2011


You know when you feel the need to be surrounded by your own stuff? Thats a bit how I have felt these last couple of days. Before Christmas we had THE SNOW and it was quite frankly, shit. About 8in dropped in one morning and the council forgot to buy salt again and so the busses all stopped and I had to walk to Dan's house (only a mile, but with a heavy bag containing several days worth of clothes and food) and I stayed there for the week before Christmas because it was easier to get to and from work. Then I went home for a few days - it was OK but Birmingham is my home now and I couldn't wait to get back, then I stayed at Dan's a few more days and only really got home on Monday night to be taken down with flu for 2 days, missing yet another knitting social and meaning I hadn't seen any friends (except a night at Alli's where we made truffles and a snowy half hour at Elli's right before Christmas) in over 3 weeks!


So I have felt out of sorts, and so today, I went to knitting in the morning, got home long enough to pee and take my shoes off before I was being called to go to Dan's parents to do Christmas with his brother who was in Thailand from early December until a couple of days ago. So this evening I was so glad to get home and be surrounded by my things. I pulled all my yarn out and sorted it into various projects. Pulled all the halfmade socks (ok not all, but 2 that I want to finish) and some other yarns and cast on for a hat whilst listening to Planet Rock on my new radio and just revelling in being in a nice quiet house on my own.

I am still not quite with it, I didn't feel 100% this morning but I was fed venison by Dan's mum which has perked up the red blood cells and I feel a bit more active. Shame I still can't hear properly as I missed out on many conversation opportunities this morning. I am looking forward to next week so normal service can resume.

Plans for this week: Monday is KnitFlix, Tuesday is my knitting group, possibly one on Wednesday in town and next Saturday is a nice all dayer. Tomorrow I am going back into town to shop the sales for some boots. I seem to have damaged my Achilles Tendon at some point in the last few months, probably due to my inappropriate footwear.

Knitting has been happening. Its all on Rav.

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Laurie Ann said...

Snow!!! When you don't get it, you miss it. (says the Los Angeles girl).

Hooray for knitting! I saw all your Ravelry stuff. Doesn't it feel good to finish projects? I have finished a pair of mitts (about a week in the making), and cast on for more, plus a hat. I am in the mood finally so I should take advantage of it.