29 May 2011

Driving again

I will be getting a car soon. I move on 9/10th July and was thinking I would get a car the week Dan comes back from China (19th June - ooh my late Grandad's birthday!) but today my plans were all ruined and now I have just 10 days to find, test drive and buy a suitable car with decent age/mileage/insurance costs. It has annoyed me a bit as I had specifically planned for after China as I will have the company car for a week whilst he is away so I didn't want to be paying for one when there was another one free to use.

Reason is insurance. I have 4 years no claims bonus which is valid for 2 years, which I thought took me into this July, but no, its 8th June, the day they fly. If I don't buy a car and start an insurance policy by 8th June I will lose 4 years no claims discount (40%) and with current insurance prices being ridiculous - ie quotes are showing the same for me now with 4 years as they were for me 10 years ago after just passing my test - I cannot afford to lose that discount.

So in the next ten days, tomorrow is a bank holiday and many car places will be closed, I have a physio appt on Tuesday, a Drs appt next Saturday and a hospital appt the following Monday, we have one staff member on holiday and Dan wants to take at least a half day off to sort his things out before he goes to China. I hate being put under this kind of pressure, and I had hoped to get next months paycheck before buying the car too but alas, this is what I have to do. I will be buying a car in the next ten days!

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Laurie Ann said...

Good Luck! Do your dealerships have websites that you could scope out first? That way you don't waste your time with a dealership that doesn't have what you want.