5 June 2007

Stuff and Things - List Day

Ok, a few new things. 1. I need to take some pictures of all the following points. I realise that this blog is looking boring! 2. I got an antique cast iron roll top bath. For free. From someone I work with who lives down the street. I never knew he lived there, but I'm glad i know now, because he has told us about things we didnt know about, like the historical society (worth a try) and random things about the village that we didnt know. Also, the bath rules! (insert pic here) 3. I picked radishes and lettuces and rocket from the garden. I dont like the rocket, as its a little bit too strong and peppery. Everyone else likes it though, so it will get eaten. My peas are REALLY big now, so are the beans, and i have MASSES of lettuce. I need to get some more planted. 4. I have a peanut plant, and a pineapple plant (£2/$4 each - bargain) I also got a lemongrass, which i will eventually use for cooking. 5. The freecycle people came and started taking the roof off the old shed! Hopefully it will be all down in a couple of weeks and we can order our new log cabin!!! 6. My sister is 28 in 3 weeks time. I decided not to give her the entrelac one, as i wasnt happy with the back, so i started a second one (from Noro Kureyon again - im using the final ball!!!) This one is a plain one, same on both sides, double moss stitch, and it looks pretty, the stitch makes it look like there are 3D diagonal stripes as well as horizontal colour stripes. Yep, a picture would be great! I will add one when i take one. Id like input/ideas about what to do with the side panels and handle. 7. Im finally doing one of the things on my to do list (see to the right). I spent Sunday spraypainting over the paint chips on my car. Tonight i need to clean and wax it, and im putting it up for sale on Wednesday. I need the money. Although we need to buy a cheaper car as Morvens car isnt that great lately. 8. That will do for now :) thanks for listening :)

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TheKnittingTeen said...

Rats would be great i see you have a couple yourself. my friends have rats the only probalem is my mom doesnt like them. :( oh and pictures are a great idea!