9 November 2007


I try not to make many plans, because that way I can't be disappointed when something doesn't happen. But I have a 3 day weekend, starting from about an hour ago, and I have a couple of things I really want to do. I finished knitting pomotamus, and just need to kitchener the toe (2 minute job) I have started a monkey using my home dyed trekking xxl, and in doing so, I found out that one of the finance managers at work knits too - I had both managers staring at my with my dpns, which happens a lot. Surely everyone knows how to use them? So my first plan, for tonight mainly, is to knit lots of sock. Tomorrow, Morven made an appointment to get a new stainless steel exhaust on the car. In typical male style (thats typical - meaning not quite every single man is incapable of thinking, but a lot of them are) Morven booked the appointment for 9:30. But its about a 2 hour drive away :( so he has to buy me pancakes and nice things from Lush to make up for this. Whilst the car is being sorted, I plan on buying my sisters christmas present from Lush, and having a look for some other things too. I looked for yarn stores but there are none close by :( That shopping/car trip is going to take up most of our day, so my plan for the evening is to knit more, and watch more of Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares on Channel4 on Demand. Sunday I want to make foccacia and soft pretzels (maybe just one or the other this week) and at the farmers market today I bought 3 squash and 10 beetroot, so I want to make nice things with those too. Im thinking soup. Must buy onions. Morven is going to transform 4 wooden pallets into a bed.... I am going to pull up all the old stuff from my garden, and compost it, along with my tomato plants from in and out of the house. This may happen on Monday, when the car is getting an MOT (hopefully) and we are just sat around. Along with masses of washing, not much else will be happening, but it will hopefully feel like I have acheived quite a bit if I get half those things done. I was in the gym today and my heart rate was averaging 180-190, which is HIGH, it should have been 150. It is consistantly this high when I go there, does anyone know why? I feel ok, and my theory is that surely the higher the heart rate, the more fat im burning? I am quite enjoying the gym, but its getting harder and harder to get the motivation (the £30 a month im paying usually motivates me) Im going to stick at it because I want to see some results so I can go off and do more, and once I am happy with myself in a swimsuit, il probably swim more and go to the gym less. My eyes are getting tired from my new contact lenses now, so I will be back soon with pics of socks

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Amy said...

Well done on going to the gym - you're making me feel guilty. I would have thought you'll notice a drop in heart rate over time if you keep exercising.
Anyway - good work and keep it up!