17 December 2007

fed up

There is so much going on here. From the good stuff, like the new spinning wheel, and lots of knitting and thinking of getting a new cage for the ratties - to the bad stuff like trying to sort out planning permission on the log cabin, as its currently only got planning to be an outbuilding for domestic use and we wouldnt mind having it as an annex next year, to both me and Morven being ill, STILL being stuck in this dank damp moldy house and not being able to spend much of Christmas with my family. I don't think I am going to blog for a while. I will still read and comment but I just dont feel like writing at the moment. Senora Fuerta - I found a pattern to knit with my prize yarn! Look here. Hopefully I will have a picture next time, as well as pictures of a finished cabin and lots of other stuff that I am being lazy about. As far as I am aware I dont really have many regular readers so I wont be missed too much. I might even write again next week, who knows. But for now I would like to wish all my readers Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. I will be back soon.


Amy said...

Oh dear - you sound really fed up! I have read your blog since becoming your ravelry friend. I have to say I am finding blogging very hard work at the moment and not at all the fun I thought it would be. Aiming to sort it out in the new year. It is all the more hard work when you think no-one is reading though isn't it?
Cheer up and have a great Christmas!

Senora Fuerte said...

That will be sooo cute!! E-mail me sometime, if you want to chat.

BabyLongLegs said...

BIG ((( HUG )))
I read your blog quite regularly....so I will now stop lurking and post.... :)
Can't wait to see all the handspunny goodness......!!!
Hope you feel better soon...
Sarah xXx

vicki said...

i also read your blog quite often, and am very sorry to hear you are still living in that damp houss.filled with mold, no wonder you don't feel good, wishing the best to you and your soon feeling much better. i will try and post more. i read alot of blogs just don't post me bad eh.take care sweetie