21 May 2008

Craft related 'stuff'

Does anyone have any advice about dyeing wool (and wool/silk) roving with food colouring using a microwave?

I have dyed yarn before using Koolaid, and it always seems to suck the colour out of the water when I microwave it, I tried Koolaiding a silk hankie but the water stayed coloured, and the same happened with the sample of roving I dyed with food colouring last week so I am scared that the dye isn't colourfast now.

So this is what I am doing:
  • Soak roving in cool water with big splash of lemon juice for 10 or so minutes
  • Squeeze out excess water, lay roving in microwavable bowl
  • Mix Koolaid (as is) or Food Colouring (with a splash of vinegar) pour over roving until damp
  • Microwave on full for approx 1 minute, take out to cool then repeat for approx 3 mins total
  • Allow to cool completely then rinse in cold water, squeeze and dry

Am I not using enough lemonjuice? Am I not cooking for long enough? Im scared its going to burn. Is there a way I can do this in the oven - I don't want to get a slow cooker/crockpot because I am poor, and I cant steam over a pan on the hob because I dont want to use my shiny nonestick pans with the metal steamer that I have.

So can anyone help?

I spun up and plied the little batch that I dyed last week, and I was thinking of pulling it off the bobbin tonight so hopefully I will take a picture for y'all. If I get some answers re: the above I will have another go at dyeing later too.

Oh I saw Ironman last night and loved it. It was SO nice getting out of the house for a change.


BabyLongLegs said...

What you are doing with the dyeing is fine!!!
LOL@ poor.......the crockpot I have I got from Argos for £9....less than you just spent on fibre.... **whistles**

Ooh....sources for fibre online....

I can highly recommend:




Have fun..... :)

Sarah xXx

Laurel said...

I don't have any suggestions, just looking forward to pictures :)