21 May 2008


Im kinda peed off today. Yesterday my mum asked if her and my sister could come visit next month, for one night because my sister wants to go to some auction near where I live and it would be more convenient to stay the night.

So I said no.
I'm not letting my sister use me as a hotel. I wanted her to come visit last month, to see the changes we have made to our house, and she said she didn't want to. I then saw on her facebook that she 'is bored of being at home for yet another weekend'. Gee thanks sister, you wanna sit home being miserable and bored rather than visit me? Thanks! I feel just great about that.

So I said some stuff to my mum about my sister, along the lines of her being miserable, which makes everyone else miserable, and that the fact that she prefers to stay home being bored than visiting me (for the 2nd time in 2 years might I add! I've been home maybe 20 times in that time) is insulting and so I didn't want her visiting me again until it was to actually visit me, not save her a couple of hours sleep so she can go to her damn auction.

I haven't had any response back apart from my mum saying that I was having a go at her, to which I said it wasn't, it was all about my sister, and that maybe she should be less soft with her. She is 29 years old for Christ's sake, she should grow up.

Meh, so I felt shitty, and today I sent a make-peace text along the lines of 'What shall I get her for her birthday since the last 2 years (handmade) presents are dumped in the bottom of her wardrobe?' My mum is in work so I wont get a response yet.

But that reminds me of another thing that pisses me off about my sister. She judges people by what they buy her, give her or do for her. She is selfish and materialistic and it makes me mad that my mother doesn't see this. Grr. Thanks for listening!