19 May 2008


The only problem with doing nothing on weekends, is that I feel like I have done nothing...

Take Saturday - We woke up around 10, I plied up some yarn (not much), Morven made breakfast, although he made me moldy toast, which almost made me throw up and the rest went in to the compost, then he played Guildwars ALL DAY and I made cake.

At around 3:30 I made him get up and come to Ross on Wye with me because we needed milk, sugar and eggs. So off we went, and I got some other bits (mostly stuff on my 'allowed' list but a couple of tiny quiches which were reduced for quick sale and would go well with the beans I was soaking.

Then I think the biggest mistake of the weekend was re-installing Sims2 on the PC (we have dual boot now with Linux/Windows because Guildwars (and Sims2) won't work on Linux) I played Sims 2 until 1am, and then when I got up at 8 (stupid me) I played it some more. Its so addictive - I hate when games don't tell you the real time, you can lose hours of your life to them.

I was forced off the PC in the afternoon and we did some gardening, which was not really what I wanted to do, but we made a path, moved all my bulbs, and I planted my seeds.

This year I have planted:

6 x Tomato (arctic something or other - these are outside tomatoes)
6 x Tomato (gardeners delight)
5 x Courgette(Zuchinni) (yellow F1 bush growing)
6 x Marrow (bush growing)
6 x Basil (black opal)
12 x Peas (common ones but I cant remember the name)
9 x sprouting brocolli
many many salad & herb leaves in my 'cut and come again' box

I have french beans but I will put them straight into the ground when the beds are finished (its getting late in the day!!) I was feeling kinda shitty at the cost of EVERYTHING so really forced myself to get off my arse and actually start planting these things because otherwise we will starve to death this year.

The weekend ended ok because I felt really good about the new path and my neighbour gave me some plants too, he is always giving us plants as he pulls them out of his garden :) I also made beans for dinner - butterbeans and borlotti beans soaked, boiled, then simmered in BBQ sauce and served with quiche and salad.

Now only 5 more days to the next weekend. At least the next one is 3 days.


Do said...

I have the same thing with Sims2. I feel like playing it, but end up having no time left and feeling terribly crappy for having done nothing. I feel crappy for having done nothing a lot. Must do more :( I hope you feel better soon. (Did you know gardening seems to work against depression?)

BabyLongLegs said...

Consider yourself Tagged....
Come and look atmy blog for more details :)

Sarah xXx