17 May 2008

Random Saturday List

  • I feel crappy today
  • Its FREEZING here - I got a tan last weekend - WTF?
  • I love this robot top
  • I'm already a member of etsy but I was going to sign up to sell today but it needs a Visa/Mastercard. I went to register my newest egg card but forgot my password. I think I worked out my password but now their site isn't working. Grr I don't want to use my other credit cards because they are all empty and egg is my favourite because they email me when I owe them stuff instead of the others which happily let me pay late and then blacklist me!
  • I really have an urge to make something big, like a sweater, but I have no yarn (lie - I don't have enough of any particular kind to make a sweater.
  • I will spin up all of my grey australian merino to see how much meterage I get, just not yet because i'm cold.
  • I am going to bake today - either lemon cake, lemon muffins, blueberry muffins or coffee and walnut loaf. I only have 4 eggs right now or I would make all of em.
  • The latest Knit 1 magazine (Spring Summer 08) is REALLY good. There are a ton of projects that I want to make (but probably never will because I suck at doing what I say I want to do) unlike Spring Summer 07 which only had 2 things I wanted to make.
  • Im still pissed off at the crappy cost of everything in this country.
  • And finally - very cool - we had a powercut a couple of nights ago and I had to reset the clock on the oven, but none of the computers were on and our phones were in bags and pockets so I randomly guessed the time (I think it set it to 8:37 or something) and so Morven just checked it and I was 1 minute off! Its 12:43 here now and the clock said 00.42 (I didnt even realise it was a 24 hours clock) So I rule!
  • I have no pics today. I did dye some merino silk the other day and spun it last night. I plied it this morning with some more damson merino and I need to take it off the bobbin and set it so pics to come...
  • I dont like this current layout but it was the best I could do when I was in work procrastinating so I will see what changes I can make now im home

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