16 May 2008

Think before you speak

I went home last night and looked in my cupboards and had an 'oh shit' moment. So I am going to change my No Food Challenge slightly.

I need to buy eggs and sugar if I want to bake, and I don't have enough cheese to survive a whole month. So my plan now, is to buy VERY LITTLE food.

I do tend to wonder around the supermarket picking up stuff and trying new things, and it ends up costing about 3 times more than I planned. So I don't plan to go to the supermarket. I can get sugar in town and eggs from the farmers market and then we will have enough to make what we need. My aim is to spend less than £100 ($195 - hey the exchange rate has changed slightly) on food this month (there are only 2 of us)

Last night I made egg fried rice from some leftover rice, and had chilli from the freezer. I didn't feel that great yesterday afternoon so I only spun a tiny bit of my dyed merino silk before going to bed early. I need to start knitting again. I want to make some sort of garment - maybe il spin for it... hmm...

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