15 May 2008

Something new

I got paid today and I am not too happy with the outcome. Its not that I got paid less than usual, its just that I was so stupidly overdrawn before that payday has made a minimum impact on it. Luckily my overdraft only costs a couple of quid a month (maybe £10) I should check. But I do not want to live this way. Therefore I need to save/make money very quickly.

So my half-assed plan for the month of May15th-June 15th is:

Buy no food this month.

The exceptions I am allowing are:

  • Fruit - apples for lunch boxes or whatever is on special
  • Veg - onions, mushrooms and frozen veg if we run out (its £1 a bag and a bag lasts us 4-5 meals)
  • Bread - I will make some, but I will get stuff that is on special too
  • Milk (and possibly sugar and coffee if we run out, which we probably will)

Luckily I have several packs of dried beans and lentils, a ton of ramen noodles and pasta, and a huge sack of rice. I have a ton of margarine for baking, lots of flour, herbs, spices. My freezer is full, and I will go out tonight and buy some spinach and lettuce seeds

I plan on making lots of lentilly, beany goodness, baking cupcakes for lunch boxes (I have ingredients for lemon ones and coffee & walnut ones), and freezing leftovers for future meals. I think I can do this :)

I will also allow myself to buy bargain fiber as I find it (and more cheap-o dye if needs be).

I will try to sell some handspun on etsy too.


Laurie Ann said...

Oh, I hate when that happens. My bank charges $35 every time it's overdrawn. DANG!

I like your "buy no food this month" or as I like to call it "Laurie Ann's world." Actually, you can tell I got paid today too, because I actually ate breakfast.

mindie said...

We've all been there and hope that we won't be again every time we are there again!
Everything is SO expensive here now. I can't believe how much a weeks shopping costs. I try to cook in batches when things are on offer and freeze half and I do grow things which helps.
Good luck with the seeds, they could end up saving you a lot of money. My lettuces aren't nearly ready yet so yesterday I went to buy one at our local shop and they are now £1 each! If you can get hold of a couple of tomato plants and a grow bag you'll be surprised how different they taste and how much money you save.

Senora Fuerte said...

We've done some of the same this month. We withdrew a defined amount of cash to live off of. The money is to include lunches, food out, entertainment, and incidentals. Groceries and gas are not included, fortunately, or we'd be dead.

The No Buying Food concept is an interesting one, though. Once my dance year ends in 4 weeks, and I have more time in the evenings, I might see what I can come up with from our kitchen. Good idea.

I'm going to go check out Etsy. Perhaps a bit of the spending money could be used to help out a friend with an overdraft. ;)