29 September 2010

Im going to go wild!

A few great little things have happened this week to break up the sheer misery that is the rest of my life. Woe is me etc... For example, I went to the opening of the knitted bench exhibition which some of our knitting group took part in, me included. I got to make a shop sample for Stitch Perfect from some rather tasty Koigu. I have to say I was not impressed with this yarn until I went up 2 needle sizes and all of a sudden it because lovely and soft and drapy. I went to the new Birmingham Bead Shop and bought beads to make a bag charm of all things. I just liked the purple beads and wanted to make something but didn't fancy jewellery. I was really good and only bought for the specific project and I have nothing left now so I am not too tempted to go buy more. Although its around the corner from the wool shop so I will be back...

I plan on working on the shop sample - another swallowtail - on the train to and from my mums house tomorrow night and monday evening. We are going to go to Texere on Saturday (the day after payday) and I will probably go mad and buy whatever will fit in my bag. I also intend to buy jeans and look out for decent winter boots. It was 3 degrees (C) here the other night. Way too cold for September. I need to start getting ready for ice and snow.

I am not really looking forward to Christmas and cold nights on my own. I am trying to keep busy, and I have a few things planned, but I know I will be really miserable when I get back here on Monday. Things are getting marginally better with time though, and the good thing is that when my final assignment is handed in next week, I will have as much free knitting time as I want :)

Anyway here are a few pictures. The swallowtail, a cowl for my mum, the bag charm and the Birmingham bench.
IMAG0096 IMAG0097 IMAG0088 IMAG0095

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