19 September 2010

Today I...

  • Woke up on Elli's sofa in a lovely warm sleeping bag with a slightly fuzzy head
  • Knit this Pomotamus for a couple of hours (its more of a Damson colour)
  • Went for breakfast (at half 12) with Dan
  • Talked with him for a bit about how we are very alike, which is not necessarily a good thing.
  • Went to my room to start on my OU assignment
  • Went to the shop for food
  • Came back with nachos, dips and Haagen Daaz. Oh and bread. Ate chips and dips.
  • Tried again with the assignment
  • Made a rough plan for the week so I am not at home alone too much
  • Called my mum
  • Checked the TV guide
  • Tried again with the assignment
  • Had a bath
  • Tried again with the assignment
  • Gave up, ate Haagen Daaz (only a bit as it was too frozen to get out of the tub) and I am now posting this in the 5 minutes before 'Who do you think you are?' starts. After which I will go to bed.
I have had quite a happy day today. I am going to knit some Green Gable whilst I find out about Lisa Kudrow's past.

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